Sunday, January 13, 2013

English 9 poetry

English 9 poetry: on 3/11/11                                     

Far above the clouds 

Where the world cannot reach me,

Silence pierce the nights.

All is still but the wind blows.

I wait, though no soul will arrive.
Marika Anderson

Deep in a canyon,
The sunlight does not reach here.
The water is cold.
The walls tower far, far above.
Rocks are slick with the water.
Dominique Blackmun


Frantic newscasters
Tell me about the earthquake.
People flee in fear
As a tsunami flows through.
I wish I could help the people.
Sofia Bosch

The Sky is Falling, The World is Crumbling

Surrounding laughter,
Grumbling shaking monsters,
Buildings collapsing,
We cherish every moment
Before it crumbles away.
Mona Clappier


In the middle of March
the ground shook in anger.
things dropped.
family grew closer together.
cannot avoid earthquakes.

Would I ever see them again?
Mika Dwyer

Hours on the bus.
Worry filling my very being.
Seeing them once more-
Family. Would it be possible?
I want to see them again.

Stomach growling loud.
We would not stop for food now.
We might miss a light.
That would let us get back home.
But hours would pass. Nothing.
Timothy Fogarty

In class zoning out,
Japan sneezes and shivers;
Pens roll back and forth.
Everyone ducks and whispers.
It’s affected most up north.

All alone I stand.
No phone service is working.
Sweating and nervous,
Pressing buttons on dead cell,
Searching my heart for some hope.

My dad is in a foreign land.
Family miles away.
Terrible fortune,
I am all alone and stray.
Mom is alone in Chiba.

Cannot return home.
Trains go by in commotion.
Got nowhere to go.
Alone, desperate, and starved,
Silent tears stream down my cheek.

Tsunami of tears,
Waiting for a miracle.
Heart jumps wild and free.
Everyone cries around me.
Japan, God bless you!
Lahari Gorantla

Never Stops

Everything shaking.
“What is happening?” we ask.
“Earthquake!” they yell back.
We hide until shaking stops.
But it never really stops.

No Contact

Zero bars, no phone.
What about my family?
Just sitting, waiting,
Inching through traffic all night.
Will I return home again?
Jayne Harris

The beautiful sea,
I stand and watch it draw back,
Such a serene view.
The waves waiting to attack,
An evil masked in beauty.

Our planet Earth.
It shakes under our cities,
Tired of human beings,
Abusing everything,
Not stopping at the surface.

I stare at my glass.
I fill it with water,
Move it back and forth.
Small waves like a tsunami,
To believe both are water.
Jennifer Higa

3/11 Friday 

Japan shakes just like it sneezed.
houses crash; people scream.
people support one another,
feel the love from everyone.

Nuclear plant explodes.
T.V shows the tragedy.
Around me nothing changes.
Sara Ishibashi

The earthquake arrived.
We dived under the small desks.
Shaking with the ground.
Fear and worries filled our minds,
Praying to God we’re okay.
Len Kamemoto

Tsunami appeared.
Ate many people to death.
Living or dying,
Living people screamed and cried,
Dying people dreamed of life.

Ordinary day,
Instantly changed with a blink.
Ground moved and things fell.
People fell in a great panic.
Can’t forget this worst school day.

My child is missing,
Words I heard from a mother
Looking for her child,
Wishing her child alive
After two years passed away.
Hiyori Kobayashi

The world is breaking down.
Thunder, coming from the ground.
Running out of class,
Kids shivering from the cold,
Teardrops falling from their eyes.
Rey Matsunaga

The skies were spotless,
And the sun shone bright .
The birds were chirping,
And no one saw it coming.

The lights above shook,
And the ground below cracked.
The air stood still ,
And the world went black.

The devastation wasn't over,
And it hasn't even begun.
The waves clashed ashore,
And overwashed the little towns.

The waters had no mercy,
And left no one to tell the tale.
The atmosphere clung with death,
And the cries were left unanswered.

The skies were spotless,
And the sun shone bright.
The birds were chirping,
And no one saw it coming.
Sachie Mochido

Almost time to leave,
Until I feel some shaking.
To the field we go,
Waiting in cool windy air.
What will happen to us now?

Riding on the bus,
Stuck in traffic; what to eat?
McDonalds we find,
Thirty people getting off,
Seven hours- way too long.

Finally at home.
Mother, Father, in the room.
Happy to see me.
A few things have fallen down.
Glad I am to be alive.
Maia Ohiro


Fear in people’s eyes
Grows as waves cause destruction.
Memories washed.
Who knew water brought evil?
Only the path of hope remains. 
Maya Onuma

Viciously Shaking,
Sudden annihilation.
Hard months to come,
Embracing devastation.
Helpless legions of people. 
Tyler Sapsford

Tidal waves come in.
The people run for their lives.
Children scream with fear,
As their houses wash away,
Along with their happiness. 
Sakiko Toriya

I wake up to find

A tragedy in the news.

Lives lost forever,

engraved into history.

Life is not perpetual.
Kenta Yaegashi

Friday afternoon,
Giant earthquake strikes the island.
Just moments later,
roaring noise of titanic wave
demolishing everything.
Kenji Yoshii
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Imperceptibly in one way

The girl came home to a crisp April
stubborn weather that refused to grow warm.

The place was the same, she kept telling herself. 
But that wasn’t true. 
Not really.
For dimmed lights
and a wobbling beneath her feet
replaced the secure grip on her shoulders that she had known.

The city was quiet and dark as they walked
at 7 o’clock on a Saturday night.
Through a muted mirror image
of the place she had been raised
the place she became herself.

They walked down the little streets
where she had skinned knees
only to get up and keep going
bounding forward.

And there.
On a one-way street
devoid of a lit street lamp,
on the edge of a worn curb
sat a pair of shoes.
with the heels folded down
like they had been slipped on in a hurry.

The shoes were not old
nor were they worn
and in fact
the girl noted
they rather lacked character.
But still,
how sad that they should be left
to fend for themselves
without the divine guiding hand
of the foot they had molded to match.

With something so important missing
the same places must feel so different.
To be without a foot
to be without the simplicity of security.
To find your own way home
After your world has shifted
imperceptibly in one way
and unmistakably in another.

The girl came to realize
standing on the curb with a sad pair of shoes
that no matter how much
Mother Nature grumbled and roared
Home would be Home
it was just up to her
to figure out how to get there
without a pair of feet telling her the way.