Monday, March 18, 2013

Middle School tanka

The sky was light blue
Ocean wind warm and gentle
mockingly cheerful
Houses stood empty. Siilent.
Crumbled under the sorrow.
    -Samantha Hollasch

Stench of sea and death,
Limp bodies, hanging from trees,
The peaceful sound of waves.
Stars flicker over barren land
Disaster struck this town.
-Sasha Woffinden

Unrelenting waves
A deceased samurai.
A ceremony,
Sorrow salutes spirits,
A garden embraces dead.
    -Billy Fujii

Darkest demons rise
From the depths of the ocean
Destroys everything
Dead scattered in the moonlight
Japan shaking...unceasing
    -Mark Nishida

Returning back home
water up to your ankle
searching across the ground
looking over lost memories
memories washed away
    -Jacob Fischer

Shattered bits o glass
Scattered all over the floor
faded images
disappearing with the sun
Setting in the calm deep sea.
    -Mikio Nakata

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