Monday, March 18, 2013

Middle School tanka

Drowning in black waves.
Trembling, struggling to find light.
Few words said that day.
Screams and cries filled the drenched air.
No one dared to sleep that night
    -Emily Robison

Tears fall down her cheeks,
and drop into her hot tea.
Forehead creased with pain.
Her heartaches for those far away.
Are the ones I love okay?
    -Elyse Davidson

After the visit
I see the carnage myself
Their thoughts flow to me
I remember my own trip
and all the horror I saw
    -Matt Dixon

Their voices cry out,
The pain they feel unceasing.
We feel their sorrow
As if it were all our own.
We shall not ever forget.
    -Lauren Sekiguchi

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